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5 Best Email Marketing Platforms To Use in 2024

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Email marketing is a digital form of marketing strategy based on sending different types of emails for promotions, newsletters, or other relevant information related to your business. In this article therefore, we shall be exploring 5 best email marketing platforms in 2024; we will in details compare them based on their features, prices, automation systems, capabilities, and user experience.

One of the biggest advantage of email marketing is that it is not all that expensive when compared to the profits therein; additionally, it is a marketing strategy that reaches a wide variety of audience thereby generating leads at once.

By using email marketing strategy, you are sure to have a more personal touch with your clients than you would have done with social media publicity. Email marketing strategy offers a much better chance that your lead will be enticed with personalization, rather than just scrolling through their feed and not seeing anything that applies to their needs.

Different from cold emailing, in email marketing you’ve already engaged with your leads, therefore you’re able to segment your audience accordingly, so that everyone receives the right types of emails.

These emails include:

• Promotional emails
• Welcome emails
• Newsletter emails
• Lead nurturing emails
• Invite emails
• Survey emails

However, sending emails automatically all to one same list is not the best strategy. Investing in email marketing platforms is one of the best investment that will help you segment your lists, create great email campaigns, offer reporting and analytics for you to see how your emails are doing, and so much more.

Some email marketing platforms such as GetResponse allows you to hold webinars, honestly, this is a great way to engage on a more personal level with your leads or clients.

Now, let’s dive into the very powerful 5 email marketing platforms!

1. Klaviyo – Best Marketing Automation for Email Marketing

Klaviyo is used by many small business owners, e-commerce stores, and bloggers for marketing automation. It focuses on helping you create and execute omnichannel success for email and newsletters.

Connect with your customers and track their interactions using integrated analytics tools. Then, use behavioral segmentation and employee engagement to create tracking and tracking plans to optimize your marketing strategy. You also get features like a landing page builder and form builder, so you can get started right away.

Klaviyo main functions:

Klaviyo is a powerful email service that includes all the features you are looking for as a business owner. Here are the highlights:

• Advanced Segmentation
• Automatic workflow
• Integration with popular e-commerce sites
• Detailed analysis and report
• Advanced A/B Testing
• Customer information
• Form and popup builder

Klaviyo advantages and disadvantages:

Despite all this, Klaviyo still has disadvantages in some aspects. Let’s check the pros and cons.

• Expanded subdivision options
• Steep learning curve
• Ecommerce out-of-the-box automation
• Can be expensive for large email lists
• A/B testing work
• Long setup process

Klaviyo has a free plan with a starting limit of 500 emails per month, 150 free SMS/MMS credits per month (plus shipping costs), and the first 60 days of email support.

2. ConvertKit — Best Email Advertising Service for Startups

ConvertKit is a versatile email marketing service for real estate agents, artists, developers and businesses that believe in the power of community. It is a full-featured platform with website design, email marketing, and deep monetization capabilities.

Unlike many other email marketing programs, ConvertKit’s goal is not to generate visitors who will send email campaigns, but to cultivate long-term loyal fans who will stay connected with your business.

ConvertKit allows you to create email designs or customize existing templates to fit your goals and messages. It also has other features like a lead magnet that allows you to generate leads from your website. Chapter

ConvertKit main functions:

ConvertKit’s feature list includes a combination of developer-friendly features to build and grow your email list and sell your digital or e-commerce products. This includes:

• Large library
• Audience segmentation and development
• autoresponder campaigns
• WYSIWYG email editor
• Sales and marketing automation

ConvertKit advantages and disadvantages:

ConvertKit is good at supporting the community through email marketing but may be limited in performing various other tasks.

• Landing page and email builder with a large template library
• Basic segmentation and advertising capabilities with scheduling templates
• Lead Magnet Automation Builder
• Limited User Seat
• Guest Nurturing System
• Expensive compared to other tools on this list

I must confess that ConvertKit is one of the most expensive email services platforms on this list.

3. Selzy — Small Business Email Marketing Platform

Selzy is an email marketing platform suitable for all business purposes, but its main benefit is to help small and medium-sized businesses increase their sales through email. It is affordable and all features are available even in the free plan.

Although Selzy is not specifically designed for complex automation processes, it has all the necessary email marketing features and is particularly suitable for content communication, social media and automated water networks.

Selzy popular features:

Selzy is one platforms offers everything you need in email marketing:

• 24/7 support
• Intuitive email builder with 100+ free templates
• Analysis
• Registration form on the website
• A/B tests
• Episodes
• Email Quality Control Device
• Anti spam control
• Post-authentication

Selzy advantages and disadvantages:

If you have a large business, you may find Selzy a bit limited. Otherwise it’s a great tool.

• User-friendly interface
• Limited email editor template library, original design
• Reply customer support
• Email delivery is not very sure
• Powerful data and self-service platforms
• Limit integration options Chapter

Selzy has thought of a price suitable for every budget such as free forever plan with 15,000 emails per month to 1,000 people only.

4. Retainful — Best Free Newsletter Service

Retainful is a convenient e-commerce email marketing platform with all the necessary features without complexity or confusion.

Retainful helps businesses create custom automations to keep customers engaged with a built-in, ready-to-use customer journey design and easy-to-use email editor. There is no need for any coding knowledge to set up the project. The interface is easy and intuitive to use and includes programs to solve questions along the way.

Retainful main functions:

You can use Retainful to plan marketing campaigns, recover abandoned traffic, track customers, create recommendations, and more. It has several advantages designed specifically for e-commerce stores:

• Email Marketing Automation
– Consumer Goods Travel
• Redirects
• Coupon for your next order

Retainful Advantages and disadvantages:

Retainful is among the best email marketing platforms for many reasons, but it also has its own drawbacks. Let’s go see them one by one.

• Customer evaluation behavior and training as a customer
• Fixed email templates
• Pre-built upselling and cross-molding automation (automated marketing campaigns)
• No tracking information (not much public information or user input)
• Code-free interface and email builder
• Linear focus on e-commerce only

These services are available at different prices to suit businesses of all financial sizes. Retainful has a free plan that allows up to 300 calls and 500 emails per month.

5. ActiveCampaign – Best for email marketing

ActiveCampaign is a complete platform with email automation tools, customer behavior tracking capabilities, and powerful integrations. Designed for businesses of all sizes, this product makes it easy to create personalized marketing plans that increase engagement and conversion rates.

ActiveCampaign is unique for its intelligent automation ability to respond to and learn from customer feedback to create targeted and effective campaigns. Additionally, ActiveCampaign has many features beyond email marketing.

CRM system is well integrated into the platform, providing users with a single interface to manage all interactions and track customer lifetime value. With advanced machine learning, businesses can develop unique insights into customer behavior and use them to optimize email marketing.

ActiveCampaign main functions:

ActiveCampaign has powerful features that will make email marketing easier for you. Some of the most important functions are:

• Advanced automation builder can adjust complex processes based on customer behavior;
• Custom CRM to manage customer interactions in one place;
• A/B testing tests email variations to determine which ones perform best;
• Multiple marketing methods to reach your customers via email, SMS and other media.

ActiveCampaign advantages and disadvantages:

ActiveCampaign is still one of the most popular email services, and for good reason. However, some features still need to be mentioned.

• Powerful automation features
• Learning curve
• Powerful CRM and customer behavior tracking
• A little more expensive than other solutions
• Incredible integration capabilities
• Limited selection on form

While ActiveCampaign is close to the best email marketing solution on the market, it’s worth noting that it has a unique pricing model that only suits certain budgets.

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