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It is safe to say that email marketing is essential and good for your business. Most people have access to their email on the go and use their email multiple times in a day. Email marketing is a unique form of copywriting that most people, starters especially, find it hard in planning and executing. It is similar to most forms of copywriting, but there are also some unique opportunities as well as some downside. In this article, we’ll examine a number of the elements of writing for email marketing and walk you through the basic steps of crafting your message.
There are a number of considerations that you must be aware of. For example, If the first line of your message is not compelling, it is less likely that your message will catch the reader’s attention nor will the message recipient reads further. It is advisable to follow the under listed steps in order to be able to write an effective email marketing copy;

  1. Target Your Audience
  2. Determine Your Ideal Objective
  3. Establish A Connection
  4. Tell Them Why They Want To Take Action
  5. Inoculate Against Objections
  6. Ask Them To Take Action

Now let’s take some time to explain them further:

Target Your Audience

Email Marketing
Target Audience | Email Marketing

One of the most important aspects of any kind of marketing strategy is to identify your audience. Different types of messages will appeal to different age groups, ethnic groups, locations etc. So that you won’t be wasting your time as well as your money, it is recommended that you carry out an appropriate level of market research for you to know more about your market. Then, you can embark on planning your email marketing campaign. You also need to build up your own highly qualified email marketing list. The better qualified your email list, the more people will actually be interested in receiving and reading your message.

Determine Your Ideal Objective
If your email message doesn’t have an ideal objective, then you shouldn’t send it out. Your message should appear clear and with a specific goal. This goal should align with whatever you are trying to achieve. You need to know why you are sending out an email message in the first place. Often your ideal outcome will be to have your reader respond to your message by completing a purchase, even though that is not always the case. At times, people send out email campaigns to increase their brand awareness. This requires a different approach than a direct-sales strategy.

Establish A Connection

Email Marketing
Establish a connection | Email Marketing

The way you go about this depends largely on the previous two factors. If you’re selling lifestyle and entertainment products to the 18-25 age group, you may need to grab their attention with a fresh and contemporary graphic. Corporate people at the prime of their lives may want you to get right to the purpose and tell them what you have got to offer before getting into the main points, while the older group may be more intrigued by a series of relevant question regarding the state of their life or business.

Tell Them Why They Want To Take Action

Take_Action | Email Marketing
Take Action | Email Marketing

This is basic sales writing, value offering. Don’t tell them about what you’ve got to offer them, tell them why they want it. Tell them how it makes their life better. You want to be as specific as possible here, and offer up as many details and benefits as you can. Focus on the ways in which the individual reading your message will personally and directly enhance his or her existence by taking this action.

Inoculate Against Objections
As with every other style of copywriting, it is advisable that you introduce potential objections that your reader might have wherever they contemplate your proposition. By referring to these yourself, you are able to provide counter-arguments that alleviate the doubts that your reader did not even yet know they had. If you do this effectively, the reader will not only want to comply with your request but will also want to get others to do the same.

Ask Them To Take Action

email marketing
email marketing, take action.

Once you have succeeded in wiping out their doubts and told them what a big gain it would be for them if they were to comply with your request, that is the time to formally create your request. If you want them to go to your website and buy your product, direct them to “Click on this link to go to our order page”. Direct them to take whatever action you desire.

With the steps listed above, you can craft an engaging email marketing message that will not only attract, convert and engage your target audience but also build a lasting relationship.


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