voice sms in Nigeria

Voice SMS in Nigeria (Robocall)


Voice SMS (Robo Calling‎) is fast becoming the choice of every business person and politicians to reach a large audience at once with these unique broadcast medium using their own voice in their own dialect or English language.

voice sms in Nigeria

What is the Importance of Voice SMS in Nigeria

SMS marketing in Nigeria is an integral part of the marketing process especially with a very good database. What the datbase does for you is that it helps you streamline the kind of audience you want to reach thereby giving you an opportunity to reach them with products that matter to them. Using voice sms is important seeing that a lot of people appreciate voice more than text, voice brings along with it, a human touch that text can never fulfil.

How to Get Involved in the Voice SMS business in Nigeria.

As one of the leading voice SMS providers in Nigeria we have opened up opportunity for individuals and organizations who wish to start Voice SMS business (Service) in Nigeria.

As a voice SMS Reseller you will get your own branded website on a sub domain a new website altogether.

Cost: N25,000 to have your own bulk SMS business up and running within 48 hrs.

As a reseller, we will sell to you at an affordable price to enable you to make more gain than you will get  elsewhere

Price for Voice SMS Resellers in Nigeria

Reseller price
60 sec  = N10
45 sec  = N7
30 sec  = N5
15 sec  = N3

End user price
60 sec  = N12
45 sec  = N9
30 sec  = N7
15 sec  = N4

Call 07014039333,08140806869 for discount on voice sms (Robot Call) and other of our services.


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