top online marketing agencies in Nigeria

Top Online Marketing agencies in Nigeria

Online marketing is a trend that has been getting a lot of attention in recent years and companies that are not paying attention to it are doing so at their own peril. In Nigeria, online marketing is being adopted by the top brands and more organizations are embracing it by the day. If you are an organization looking to invest in online marketing, then you should do so as quickly as possible seeing that there are a lot of benefits that come with it. The good thing about the online marketing space is that there are many agencies that can comfortably help you out with your digital marketing, however, if you are looking to achieve optimum results and get guaranteed returns on your investment, then you must go for the top online marketing agencies in Nigeria.



Top Online Marketing agencies in Nigeria

Identifying the top online marketing agencies in Nigeria might seem a herculean task if you go out and start searching for one without information, but it would become easy for you if you are already armed with information that can help you know if an agency is one of the top online marketing agencies in Nigeria or not. Below, I am going to list some glaring attributes that will help you identify if a company qualifies to be among the top online marketing agencies in Nigeria.

  1. They Must Be ONLINE: This sounds like a no-brainer right? Not really. We have seen cases of a number of offline or traditional advertising agencies that accept online marketing jobs and then sublet the job to a true online marketing agency. What is wrong with this approach, you ask?
  • They might not be able to deliver your results as you want it.
  • Taking the job and subletting it would actually cost you A LOT more
  • A top online marketing agency’s main concern is getting results, as such, if your campaign is not doing well through a channel, they are experienced enough to employ other channels in order to deliver your results. However, a traditional advertising agency do not understand this.
  1. They Must Have Worked With Top Brands: Listen, I don’t see anything wrong with giving a new agency a chance to run your online marketing campaign for you. However, if you are looking for optimum results, then you should go for one of the top online marketing agencies with a proven track record. The emphasis of this article is for you to get one of the top online marketing agencies and that is for a reason; the top online marketing agencies have a track record. If they have carried out a campaign for the top brands and they achieved results, then you can be rest assured that they have enough experience to deliver results for you in your online marketing campaign.
  2. They should normally be a 360-degrees company: Again, this article does not address companies that are grounded in specific areas of digital or online marketing. We are talking about the top online marketing agencies in Nigeria. And for a company to qualify as such, it has to be well grounded in ALL areas of digital marketing. Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, display advertising, social media marketing, mobile marketing and email marketing are just a few of the areas that a top online marketing agency should have proficiencies in.
  3. Their campaigns should be measurable: Metrics are the cornerstones that online marketing thrives on and all top online marketing agencies do not shelve it aside. Online marketing should be very measurable and any agency that does not have metrics to back up what they are selling to you should not be taken seriously.

After Identifying That an Agency is One of The Top Online Marketing Agencies, What’s Next?

Top Online Marketing agencies in Nigeria

After identifying that a company is one of the top online marketing agencies, the rest considerations lie chiefly on you. For me, I might want to ask myself some of the following questions:

  1. How Much Is My Budget and How Does it Compare to Their Pricing Packages?

Economists found out a long time ago that pricing is one of the most important buying factors and it still stands true today. A lot of the top online marketing agencies have prices that might seem high to the average person but the astute ones among the top online marketing agencies have a pricing structure that caters to all classes of organizations, suffice to say that if an agency’s prices are much higher than what you can afford, then you definitely cannot choose them.

  1. How is their client service?

This might just be me, but I think that it is sensible to look at how an agency treats its clients before doing business with them. It is always very advisable to carry out a campaign with an agency that is genuinely interested in the client’s returns on investment than an agency that is more interested in your money. Again, the top online marketing agencies in Nigeria usually look at the aftermath of a client’s campaign to make sure that he or she achieved the campaign objectives.

  1. What am I trying To Achieve with this Campaign?

Like I mentioned in the third point while I was talking about how to Identify the top online marketing agencies, a top agency should be a 360 digital agency. But, some agencies are more experienced in some fields than others, Therefore, when you have identified your campaign goals and the channels that will deliver most for you, the next step is to choose any of the top online marketing agencies that are experts in that field.


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