I am going to cut straight to the chase as our friends in Hollywood say. This is not an article that will teach you how to write, it is an article that would help you better your copywriting skills (writing is different from copywriting). True, copywriting is a form of writing, but there is a huge gap between literary writing and copywriting(as wide as the gap between Lagos and the US). Now, what exactly is copywriting.

Simply explained, copywriting is the kind of writing you do to make sales. Be it an email newsletter, text in a video, a radio copy or the text on an ad copy, copywriting is done for one sole purpose: to make sales. Now that we have a good understanding of what copywriting is, let’s take a look at the top principles that would make your copy convert.


1. Remember That Your Copy is Intended for Sales.

I know I have said this before but I want to reiterate this; your copy is intended to make sales for you not to display your literary prowess (this point should be plastered on every paragraph of this article). If your audience would respond positively to you using pidgin English within your sales copy, by all means, use it! if you need to use “Queen’s English” to convince your target audience, then you should start taking that tutorial from the queen! (whoever she is). Don’t use your sales copy to show your English skills when your audience do not comprehend what you are saying.

2. Don’t Write For an Audience, Write For a Customer.

Many copywriters make the mistake of writing for an entire target audience. Listen, a target audience will not be reading your copy at a time, one person would. So, think about that one customer at a time and write in a way that would woo that person to buy your product or patronize your services.

3. Be Very Clear in Your Copywriting.

Clarity can never be underestimated in writing. As a matter of fact, clarity should be the focus of every copywriter while crafting a copy. Like I said in the first point. if you like big English for days and I do not understand what you have written, then your goal of making sales has been defeated and buried.Clarity means a compelling copy that can convince your audience to take that action that you want them to take and that is something you do not want to take lightly.

4. Study Your Customer

Your customer is the focal point of your copywriting and rightly so too. Everything you are writing is to convince potential customers to become real buyers, so, you might as well study your customers well to understand what will influence them before buying. If, for example, I am normally convinced by logic, and then you try to convince me using emotion, chances are, you have shot yourself in the leg. Therefore, a good copywriter should take time to study his customer by crafting a copy.

5.Make Your Copy Your Salesman

Do you know who a salesman is? he knocks at your door, shares a joke with you, COMMUNICATES with you and tries to persuade you to buy something. He speaks to you in a language that you understand because it is important to him that you get what he is trying to sell you-that is exactly what your copy should be. Don’t try to sound too sophisticated (again) except is undeniably needed.

Copywriting is the centre of digital marketing as your copy dictates how successful a campaign is. We can’t deny the fact that there are people who are gifted in copywriting, however, it is a skill that can be learned. Starting with the five points above would help you improve in no little way.



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