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With the digital world we live in now, it is virtually impossible to run your business effectively without social media. Think about it as a consumer; when you have problem with the services of any company, what do you think of next?

Do you decide to go to their physical office, or do you try to find their social media page? A survey has shown that most people would pick going through social media outlets. There is no doubt about it; social media is important. 

However, as a business owner, social media is even more important to you. It is one of the cheapest ways to discover clients.

social media marketing company in Nigeria
Social media marketing company in lagos

The beauty of social media pages is that they work 24/7. Even while you close your eyes at night, your social media pages continue to work and attract customers.

It is evident that if you aren’t optimizing social media, you should be. The question is; how? There are millions of pages opened for the purpose of reaching new audiences that do not achieve anything in the end.

Chances are that you’ve attempted to open a couple yourself. However, what is the difference between your underperforming social media page and that page that seems to pack followers daily? Expertise.

Look at it this way: those who manage those social media pages are old hands in the game; they know the rules. If your social media page is going to be able to compete with them, you need a social media marketing agency.


DMN is a social media marketing agency in Lagos, Nigeria. If you want to use your social media pages to attract new customers, you need us for a single reason; nobody does it better.

At DMN, we focus on growing your company through your social media handles. If you aren’t making a solid amount of money from your social media, you are doing it wrong.

What Can A Social Media Marketing Agency Do For You?

Grow Your Publicity 

Perhaps the most prominent use of social media is to announce your presence. There’s hardly a doubt that you are good at what you do. The question concerns whether other people know this.

DMN knows for a fact that there are a thousand and one companies offering what you do. Through the use of social media pages, we give customers a reason to choose you.

Help increase conversion rates

We are experts at making use of social media accounts to increase conversion rates. Increased customers on your social media pages result in a direct increase in sales if your whole setup is handled by social media experts such as us.

Create a fan base

 Sentiments matter in business and every true business man knows this. There are customers who will patronize you for sentimental value. It is your duty to create such an emotional tie. Business is often at times too formal. Social media is an avenue to show people that behind your brand are real people who have lives just as they do.

DMN realizes that it is one of the best ways to relate with people thereby drawing them closer to your brand. The social media age is one filled with bants and memes and if you do not jump aboard that train, you’ll be left behind too soon. We make use of your social media pages to spread positivity, thereby creating a fan base that will patronize you consistently.

Increase traffic

At DMN, we channel your social media accounts to your website. Increased traffic means that more people are viewing your service which translates to more customers. It also means that your website rankings would increase. When you rank higher, more and more people can find you and your brand easily.

Good customer relation 

Having a brand is important. The outlook and reputation that is attached to your company’s name and logo is important. However, people want more. At DMN, we can help you give them more. People appreciate interactions with true representatives of the brand. It gives your brand a more welcoming look than having an unseen and faceless brand.

Social media gives you the ability to connect directly with curious customers. Before a number of people actually pay for your goods or services, they will have questions they want to ask. Who else other than your brand itself is in the position to give the best answers?

Social media allows you to understand how you are perceived in the public eye. Even better, if you partner with the right social media marketing agency, you can easily correct any misconceptions or improve whatever image it is you have out there.

Contact Us For Your Social Media Marketing Project

At DMN, we are committed to offering the best service you can obtain from any social media marketing agency. At DMN:

  • We evaluate: Each customer is unique. No, we do not believe that one size fits all. We believe that your brand is unique and as such, requires a different approach from what is out there. 
  • We hypothesize: When we study your brand, due to our lengthy experience, we map out a course of action which we think best fits you and your customers.
  • We implement: Next, we implement. At DMN, we take a painstakingly studious approach to every customer’s journey. We want the best for your brand.
  • We study: When done, we move on to the next stage; studying the results of our previous methods of approach. We use your input and observation as a guide to the next step.
  • We improve: With data obtained from our previous study, we plan our next moves which we always design to be bigger, better, and more effective than the previous. With us in your corner, growth is assured. 


We are located in Lagos, Nigeria. However, asides Lagos, we have an office in Ibadan, Nigeria. Alternatively, you can call us or get in contact via email. We cannot wait to hear from you. 

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