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It has been established a long time ago that communication is an essential part of human existence. What a lot of organizations have not, however, found out, is that communication should be an integral aspect of any business or organization that is looking to have a long lifespan as well as drive sales. Businesses and organizations that have mastered the art of corporate communications have bettered their relations with their customers and general public thereby increasing their profit and lifespan on the market. For these set of organizations, public relations or Public relations agencies what they look to. Granted, a company might be too busy to take on public relations by itself, but that’s exactly why there are PR agencies.


Public Relations agencies: Who Are They?

The truth is, public relations agencies and advertising agencies both have the same end goal which is helping to promote their clients in strategic ways to keep them relevant and successful. However, they differ in approaches to creating these promotions. Advertising is beautiful and it converts but there is the danger of some people viewing advertisement with bias because they know that it was paid for, hence, in their mind’s eyes, adverts cannot be fully trusted. It is to these set of people that public relations caters for specifically. Simply explained, public relations is how an organization manages its relationship with its various pub


So What do Public Relations Agencies Do?


Crisis Management

public relations agencies

Crisis management is an integral aspect of public relations that cannot be overlooked by any company that is serious about staying in business and I will explain why.

Do you remember the Indomie saga where it was alleged that some people ate the noodles and died afterward? A lot of people stopped eating Indomie altogether and the company was losing millions by the day. They had to do something quickly or they would stop doing business in Nigeria. They started a public relations campaign that made everybody forget that a few weeks earlier kiosk owners were even scared of stacking Indomie in their kiosks. How did they do that? They started going to schools and cooking delicious noodles which they themselves partook in eating. That is the power of crisis management and indeed public relations.


Media Relations

public relations agencies

Media relations is often times referred to as publicity and as the name sounds, it is a viable tool for changing behaviour and influencing attitude. It refers to the relationship that a brand has with the media and how it stands to benefit the brand. This thing is just simple arithmetic; the media has the kind of audience that a brand needs, so the brand has to maintain a good relationship with the media in order to have a good image. Again, to explain, I digress. Have you wondered how some companies launch products and before a while you see it all over the media even without them advertising yet? well that is the power of media relations. I’d give you a perfect case scenario:

Tolu works for a public relations agency that handles digital marketing’s PR activities. She also has good relationship with the top blogs where people go for digital marketing news. Digital Marketing Nigeria are about to launch a new solution into the market and as such Tolu sends this information to her blogging friends who consequently publish it for free. The next day, the news is all over the blogs and people are scrambling for the solution. See how media relations work?


Brand Management

public relations agencies

Brand management is another thing that should make you look into hiring a public relations agency. It actually encapsulates different elements of the marketing mix to introduce your brand, create confidence in your products and service and engender brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is what makes Nigerians that want to buy any noodles ask for “Indomie” before the seller would retort which kind of Indomie? in our mind, Indomie has now been attached to Indomie. That is just one out of may cases, we can mention Maggi, Omo, Closeup etc



Content Strategy

public relations agencies

A great public relations campaign strives on good content and more than ever, a good content strategy is becoming an asset to the PR campaign. It involves skilfully creating different forms of content that is important to a brand’s publics which often than not include stakeholders and customers.

But while creating a content strategy remember that the content in itself is not an end, rather, it is means to help build engagement and engender loyalty while stimulating interest.

Creative Strategy

public relations agencies

The Balance defines a creative strategy as the intentional and strategic approach a company takes in developing and implementing steps that will ensure and support the business growth. This succinct definition says all there is to know about creative strategy. More often than not, a public relations agency has a team that brainstorm the best steps and strategies to adopt in order to help grow their clients business.


Media Training

public relations agencies

Media training as the name suggests, involves a public relations agency training the staff of an organization on how to talk to the media. With the mass media and the new media becoming more dynamic by the day, one has to under how to answer your questions so that your message is sent and recieved exactly the way you want it. So media training is something you should look into as well as other public relations activities.


If you an owner of a small business, then it more likely that you can handle your own public relations on your own. But if you are a medium scale or large company trying to sustain and grow your business, then a public relations agency should be on your speed dial. If you need pointers for a PR agency in Nigeria, you can check out Alternative PR here.



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