Identifying A Top Branding Company

Wondering what makes a branding company worth hiring? Just like most entrepreneurs, you have invested so much into your business. Your business is usually the catalyst for a bigger purpose. An expression of your passion and what you believe in and there is a lot on the line. While there are many processes to growing a successful business, one of the most important is brand building. Today’s world is fast moving than the previous, leading many people to be more confused about what really constitutes a brand. A time will come in your entrepreneurship journey when you are faced with building a new brand or evolving your existing brand, then you will realize a range of options that are available at your disposal.



Branding is more than just creating a logo, tagline, building a website or coming up with a jingle. It’s the total experience of working with you. Every relationship a client has with you helps shape your brand. Be it favorable or not, the total viewpoint the public has about you and your business makes up your brand. No one wants to invest time and money into a work or relationship that wouldn’t be profitable, so identifying a top branding company might be a big task if you just go out in search without having a prior knowledge of what you should actually be looking out for in a branding company. In case you are wondering about what makes a branding company worth hiring, below are some glaring attributes that will help you;

  1. They must be BRANDED

Must be Branded

Is their brand well communicated? Is their website or other touch points you encounter help you determine if they are the best partner to work with? A lot of times we have seen a couple of branding agencies, so to be called, not even branded themselves. They go on to take up branding projects for clients and then outsource to a couple of other agencies or freelancers. You need to make the most of your first subtle interactions with a potential partner as it can be extremely revealing about the experience you will have as a client. The following under listed should be kept in check;

  • How do they interact with you before you become a client?
  • Are they timely in initial email exchanges?
  • In the first call to discuss your needs, do they listen and ask relevant questions?
  • How smoothly do the exchanges flow?
  • Do they always reschedule or are they late?

Sometimes the relationship flows perfectly and other times it seems like two people going on a blind date. Do your findings and trust your instincts. You and your branding partner should be able to put yourselves in each other’s shoes. It will show in your communication and work product if you are compatible as partners.

  1. Ability to recognize your uniqueness

Branding company

A branding company might have a rich collection of clients and rich a portfolio of previous work done. However, a decent branding company needs to have worked with a similar client as you with related desires. In case they are yet to work with one, you might have to examine if their experience allows them to understand your business. They should be able to figure out what makes you unique. An agency that rightly understands your brand will come up with strategies to strengthen will help strengthen your brand.

  1. Creativity and Versatility

Brand Creativity
Brand Versatility

Creativity is an essential ingredient when a branding strategy is to be implemented. As such, selecting a branding agency that’s noted for having inventive solutions will definitely set your business above your competitors. One way to evaluate their creative thinking is viewing their portfolio. A top branding company should be able and ready to integrate their creative thinking with recent market trends. As a business owner, you have certain expectations when employing a branding company; this might be in terms of service required and a few other deliverables. As such, investigate their core capabilities and a better look into their employees will tell you about their strength and weakness. A top branding company ought to be able to do everything you would like while not outsourcing.

Final thoughts
Final Thoughts

There is this industry saying ‘the bitter taste of poor branding and design will long linger after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.’ Just like dating, finding the right professional partner isn’t easy. However, don’t let price guide you. Ultimately, you are paying for the level of service rendered.  You can actually hire less competent agencies or freelancers who are willing to work for cheap, but you can’t expect the care and dedication of a competent branding company for a higher price. The more you pay, the more passion and value they will bring to the table and so the more likely you’ll be happy and more successful in the long run. Now get out there and find your right branding company match. Cheers.


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