Hey folks, today I will be teaching you how you can get your display advertisement up and running in five minutes! (sounds ridiculous right? I know).

Display advertising is an important component of the digital marketing journey (If you still doubt it, I would have you know that  hubspot said in an article that Heineken reached 34 million people on Facebook using Facebook video display ads! Still want to ignore it?)

Having said that, I will be amiss if I dont point out that a lot people do display advertising the wrong way and as a matter of fact, the wrong way is usually very cumbersome. But the good thing is, today I would be showing how to set up your display ads and get it running in 5 minutes or less! But first, with sincere apologies to people who already know what display advertising is, let’s explain it to the newbies.



display advertising
Display Ad Formats Credit: Clix Marketing

Display Advertising is a form of advertising that involves using visuals to market your products and services. It involves the use of texts, videos, images to put your products and services in the front of people that want or need it. Display advertising in Nigeria is a not a new field, it has been in existence since the beginning of traditional advertising in Nigeria and it it still continues to thrive with the trend of digital marketing in Nigeria. However, display advertising in Nigeria has not been utilized by Nigerians as much as they can. The opportunities that abound in display advertising in Nigeria have not been grabbed by Nigerians, as a matter of fact, a lot of Nigerians have not grasped the idea of digital  marketing let alone them looking at display adverts as it relates to digital marketing.marketing in Nigeria.


Now that we have gotten the explanation of display ads out of the way, let’s now get back to the focus of this article: getting your display ads up in five minutes.

If you are a follower of my writings you will know that I have always bragged about Alternative Adverts Networks, which is why I chose them as part of my top 10 digital marketing companies in Nigeria. Why do I mention them? They have one of the most reliable display ads network in Nigeria and it is ridiculously simple to set up. Simply visit their website and click on the advertisers button to set up an account with them in less than a minute. As for the ad itself, you can basically set it up in less than 3 minutess!

You can check the video oh how to upload adverts on alternative advert below (NOTE: even though the video is more than 5 minutes long because of explanation, the process should take you less than 3 minutes and you can take me up on that!)

Side note: I am grateful that this video saved me from writing another 500 words or so.



Have you been having issues with your display ads? was this article useful to you? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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