How To Optimize Google Ads Campaign

By December 5, 2018Editorials

Many advertisers struggle when it comes to finding the best way to realize an opportunity to optimize their digital marketing campaigns.

When you are managing a very large campaign you might find it extremely daunting to explore all the Adgroups , keywords, placements as well as analyzing their performance at each level. I have put together a few tactics that I normally apply whenever I am managing accounts and hope that you will find some or all of these useful.

Always check your Home Tab first before you decide to make any changes

There is a wealth of information that you can easily gather by simply spending 3-5 minutes on the Home Tab before delving into the actual campaigns. You can gather information such as:

  • Keywords below first page bid
  • High cost low conversion keywords
  • Good quality but low converting keywords
  • Performance graph

Always check the Top Movers 7 Day report to see the impact of your last changes

The Top Movers 7 day report will give you detailed summaries of how your campaign performed and you can use this information to decide on whether your previous optimizations have worked well or if the overall performance has actually dropped as a result of your changes. The report will give you details such as:

  • Top increases (Cost)
  • Top decreases (Cost)
  • Previous period vs Current period
  • CTR performance vs previous period
  • Conversions increases and decreases

Always check the opportunities tab to make sure that you are not missing out on anything

The opportunities tab will inform you on some crucial details such as campaigns. You can add some new site links, new ad-groups, you can create campaigns, you can raise budgets for additional conversions, new keywords you can add and a lot of other opportunities that Adwords will have recognized for your account


There are various other methods and ways that can be used to analyze accounts but i personally prefer checking these 3 core areas and then proceeding to check my Search Terms report and other analytical data I can find in both Adwords and Google Analytics.

I have found this to be not only effective but also saves a lot of time as well as helps you identify some problem or opportunity areas in your account that you might not have been aware of.


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