Digital marketing vs traditional advertising, there is no doubt that marketing is imperative to the survival and success of a business. Marketing helps to reach out to customers. However, there has forever being a discussion between whether digital marketing is winning over traditional advertising or not.

The argument (digital marketing vs traditional advertising) over whether or not the continual growth of digital marketing is causing traditional advertising to die slowly. They both share similar goals and it is always better to have a right mix of both than some of its part. Every objective of both digital and traditional advertising is to attract targeted customers and build brand awareness. They work together to get positive marketing results.

Employing digital and traditional advertising helps put the right messages (adverts) in front of the right people for a product or service and give them a reason to visit both the products and services website and the physical stores. Many rather think marketing generally is a digital marketing vs traditional advertising thing, thinking they are against each other whereas they work hand in hand to achieve set business goals. Here’s a closer look at both to see what each one is all about.

Digital Marketing

Also known as data-driven marketing. In respect to Wikipedia, “Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium”. It is a targeted, measurable and interactive marketing of products using digital channels such as search engines (Alternative advert, Google, and its other partner sites), social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers.


Digital marketing vs traditional advertising | digital_marketing

With advancement in technology, digital marketing will continue to evolve and only get better. The aim of digital marketing is to be constantly available to potential customers at the very point at which they are searching for particular products and services. The more it appears on their faces, the more acquainted they get with the brand, thereby building a relationship and trust that eventually lead them to buy from the brand.


The benefits of Digital Marketing;

–           Brand Development

–           Simple and Accuracy in Measurement

–           Not Intrusive

–           Cost can be managed

–           Greater engagement

For a better understanding of the benefits, see the 10 benefits of digital marketing for more.


Traditional Advertising (Offline Marketing)

This is a form of marketing that has been in use since way back. It has been around for so long and the most recognizable, including the advertisements being heard and seen daily. People are used to finding adverts in the dailies or reading billboards all the time. A major shortcoming of this form of marketing is that data is not easily collected, or cannot be collected at all.

Digital marketing vs traditional advertising | traditional_advertising

Traditional advertising channel involves TV, radio, posters, billboards, and flyers. Billboard is a way of reaching people on the road and its targeting option is broad and based on the amount of traffic on a particular geographic location. So how is the data measured? TV and radio, on the other hand, offers better targeting options and a nice channel to catch viewers and listeners at the point where they give all their attention.

Posters and flyers are similar to billboards and mostly referred to as print media. These are publications printed on papers and circulated. They contain messages and information of special interest in physical form. These forms of advertisement effectiveness cannot be measured. It is basically putting information in front of random people and hoping they take your desired action.

The benefits of Traditional advertising;

–           Provides connection on a more personal level

–           Gives you a wider marketing avenue to explore

In conclusion, do not see marketing in general as a digital marketing vs traditional advertising issue. For today’s business, it is important to combine both traditional and digital marketing strategies. Even though the world has grown accustomed to the digital environment and it is important to use their website and social media platforms to relate and interact with their customers. There are some traditional advertising strategies that are also effective in reaching a local audience using mediums as newspaper and radio advertisement. Remember, a right mix is better than some of the individual parts.

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