You may or may not be new to the digital marketing scene, but it would be amiss for us to start this article without at least defining the words Digital Marketing; for the benefit of those who are only interested, with no prior knowledge of digital marketing, here’s the definition of digital marketing according to Wikipedia:

Digital marketing is the marketing of products and services using digital technologies, mainly on the internet, but it also includes mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

Well, there you have it. Now let us talk about this training program.

Lots of digital marketers (in this article, I’ll be talking mostly about those who already have come in contact with some digital marketing experience, but we’ll definitely not neglect the newbies) have always gotten their hopes smashed after they go for one training course after the other, why?

Because those courses are not what they thought it would be, not the boring, non-practical kind of training they had envisioned it to be when they happily signed up their names and dipped their hands in their pockets. This is different, and we do not say so without reasons. Hear us out, stick through with us.

Lots of courses, discourses and training go on for hours, and sometimes even days, and you just wish you were doing something less painful than sitting in that designated classroom listening to some bore talk on and on without carrying the participants along, and also, not giving any practical advice and suggestions on how to implement the tools that the trainees are being exposed to.

Well, at our training, we will nix that, and give you a better training experience. How will we go about doing this? Its simple. We will simply carry everyone along, make the classes interactive; our trainings entail 10% theories and 90% practicality. We want the class to be as interesting as possible.

Now, what are the things that our certified (yes, our tutors are certified, but we’ll blow that horn further down this article) tutors will be giving you at this training? Check this list:

  • Inbound marketing training
  • Blogging and content management
  • Social media marketing training
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google AdWords
  • Email marketing training
  • SEO copywriting
  • Web analytics etc.

We all know that the world is now very well connected and this is made possible by the availability of the internet, and as a digital marketer, not the traditional offline marketer, you will need to be as connected to those whom you want to reach out to.

The presence of Nigerians on the internet is ever growing, and with this growth, people are becoming more aware of ways to do certain run-of-the-mill activities like shopping and communication; and this is why we have social media platforms and ecommerce sites that enable us do this.

And on this platform, these are places where you get to interact with these people, your inability to reach people via this platform as a digital marketer will hinder your growth and will lead to a loss in lead sales. You have to be where your prospective clients will be found.

Over 50 million Nigerians surfing the web via different devices, that is no small thing, and with this, you can tap into a burgeoning market that will see you rising in the ranks as a digital marketer, making you as skilled in the field as ever, that is, if you are able to navigate through the fields.

You should bear this in mind, the skills of digital marketers are only going to augment, there is never going to be a shortage in demand, why? Because companies are started every day, and these companies need people like you to grow their audience using the various tools that will be taught to you at this training, and you do not want to miss out on how to employ these tools in your work as a digital marketer, making you a go-to person for companies who seek people with your skill.

Are you willing to be coached on how to reach the “expert” status?

Do you want to be taught the right and working strategy on how to conquer your niche and be the boss at what you do, making digital marketing a walk in the park?

Are you ready to make your brand as effective so as to increase your demand rate and thus increasing revenue for your digital marketing company?

Well, if you answered yes to those questions, if you are vibing with the opportunity to succeed in this field of digital marketing, then this is your chance at becoming the best at what you do. Sign up for this training and see your business grow into something that will make you lean back in your swivel chair and smile, the smile of success.

This training is chockful of courses that will leave you gasping and asking for more. And the best thing is, you will get a certificate after this training that will prove that you partook in this class, and yes, you do know what you’re talking about when talking to that prospective client. Let me talk a little about the organizers of this event.

ZEODigital Academy boasts of being one of the best digital training academies in Nigeria, with over 5 training centers spread not only across the country, but also out the borders of Nigeria.

In Nigeria, we have internet training centers that span four major cities in Nigeria: Lagos (where this training will be held), Abuja, Portharcourt, and in Ibadan. Our training staff are outstanding and certified digital marketers with a good number of years of experience under their belt.

For years, ZEODigital Academy has been able to train a diverse number of individuals and, also corporate bodies on practical ways on how to use digital marketing for the promotion of their goods and. This training has helped both individuals and corporate bodies immensely grow their client base and growth in client base, leads to an increase in profit and revenue.

Partaking in this digital marketing training course will ensure that you become just as successful as those who have gleaned from the knowledge of our tutors.

You attend a course to gain some knowledge, and yes, that knowledge will be gotten, after this training course, you will be able to successfully perform either one or more of these:

  • Be a highly paid micro influencer
  • Make more money as an affiliate marketer
  • Create a profitable online or an ecommerce business
  • You will get a well-paying job in the digital marketing world
  • Your business sales and revenue will see a drastic rise
  • You will start a digital marketing agency and with the tools that will be given to you at the training, you will see it grow.
  • You will be able to effectively run an email campaign
  • Publish your own blog

We have to add this caveat: Attending this training alone does not automatically guarantee you success, but how much of yourself will you be committing into this training and this career, unless you see this as a hobby, or a side business, then maybe you wouldn’t need so much inputted effort, but if you will be making this your main source of income, you will have to put enough effort to see the results you want.

Do you need any prior skill as a digital marketer or any other technical skill? No, you do not. All you need to know how to do is to work with a computer, leave the rest to us, and well, your concentration level. We will reiterate, this will be a hands-on experience, giving you practical real-life techniques that will help you succeed in the digital marketing world.

What You Will Learn In Our Digital Marketing Training

Now, for those who are new into the world of digital marketing, attending this training will propel you from the level you’re currently on to an advanced level in no time, and this again, is based on your personal level of commitment.

Now, let us break down some of those listed courses:

  • Inbound Marketing training: This is a strategy that makes use of many forms of pull marketing to create brand awareness and attract new business. Does this sound attractive to you? Well, this is one of the packages that you will be benefiting from at the training. And one thing is, this type of marketing tool is one of the cheapest an easiest on the list. You will be taught how well to position your business and also that of your clients’ so much so that you will have loads of clients on your back.


  • Blogging and content marketing: You definitely must have heard the word “blog,” or you probably have run one or two yourself and you just decided to drop them because you did not see the benefit of running them, well, at this training, we will give you reasons why you should go back to that abandoned website and make money with it; you will be taught some basics in web designing and also some web development soft skills that are necessary for blog creation (if you do not already run one) using WordPress. And how will you make money using your blog? Well, we’ll use something called affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.


  • Social Media Marketing Training: You probably have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the many other social media platforms available to us through app stores for downloads; and one way or the other, one time or the other, you must have advertised something, or maybe made some kind of awareness on your social media accounts, well, you have, in a way, done some “marketing,” except you probably got no capital from that. Well, at this training, you will be taught ways in which you can run a powerful social media campaign on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You will be given practical ways in which you can manage your social media platforms for both your business and that of your clients’. Not only will you be able to effectively run campaigns, you will be taught ways you can run an ad on Facebook almost for free.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): If you are experienced in the digital marketing world, this question probably has been answered; so, I’ll be asking the newbies on the scene, have you ever been awed at how websites appear on Google search results pages? Like, how do they get there, what is the system used to get those things there? Well, that is the awesome job of SEO, and this is something that will be taught to you at the training, added to that, you will be taught how to rank sites on Google (we say Google because nearly 70% of internet searches are via Google). Having this knowledge will steer potential buyers to your site.


  • Google AdWords: We also refer to this as search engine marketing. You will learn how to create Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on Google and YouTube. You know those ads you see on web pages, they are sometimes at the top of the page, or the bottom, or the left or right sides; even on YouTube, they appear at the bottom of the screen, those are Pay Per Click ads. If you do this well, it is enough to increase your business’ current revenue and in extension, your clients (if you have managed to get some).


  • Email Marketing Training: This marketing technique is one of the easiest forms of digital marketing. You will be taught how to create, send and design lead generating emails.


Okay, so we have given a few things as to why this training will be beneficial to you, but we have more.

Why exactly should you choose us?

Well there are a few reasons. You do not want to be at training where the tutors are people without any solid background or convincing experiences in the world of digital marketing, you want people who are who they say they are and are able to provide you with the exact knowledge you will be signing up to receive.

Here’s the thing, out trainers are experienced. They have had years of trials and errors and are now basically so good they not only get an influx of clients demanding their skills, but also see the need to share their gained knowledge.

They have, through the years accumulated experiences in the digital marketing world and have been certified; this is why when they teach you, the classes will be a breeze, because of the ease with which they teach.

These tutors will make each class very interactive and easy to grasp for even those who are new to digital marketing. This course is not for free. Some people give knowledge for free, and some don’t, this is one such case, but don’t step away just yet, the training fee has been set at a reasonable price, we want to impact knowledge and not have you break the bank to receive it, so, do not fret.

But be rest assured that just because it is cheap doesn’t mean that the quality of the training will be determined by that, the training itself is standard, which brings us to our next point. Our curriculum is of international standard.

Our syllabus is such that, even with the knowledge you will be receiving while within the borders of Nigeria will still be as valuable outside the borders of this country.

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself, you digital marketing training skills here will be valid. There’s something else to gain from taking part in this training, you will be able to apply for an internship at ZEOdigital after the course is completed. Imagine gaining more knowledge after the one you have paid to learn!

There’s also after-training support. So basically, after the training, you will be able to ask whatever questions you have, and they will be answered by our trainers, and not to worry, this service is free.

 How does this Training program run?

This training has been split into two, we have both the weekday and the weekend classes. The weekday classes span 4 hours every day from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. And that leaves Saturday and Sunday for 4 weekends. Lots of hours to learn, and lots of things to learn about.