Digital Marketing Training In Abuja

Are you looking to building and implementing a winning digital marketing strategy that can attract new customers, resulting in an increase in sales for you and your clients?, Look no more and sign up for our digital marketing training in Abuja.

Digital Marketing training in Abuja on Google adsWhat will you be learning at this training? That’s a good question. You will be learning a lot, and what the “a lot” entail? You will be taught just how to use online marketing tools like: Email marketing (this, as you may know, is one of the most respected, used and effective tools in digital marketing), web analytics, Search Engine Optimization (I mean, what is Digital Marketing without SEO?),  affiliate marketing, social media marketing (another very powerful tool), SEO  copywriting, content marketing etc., these tools will help boost your brand’s popularity (sounds good, doesn’t it?), they not only create more awareness for your brand, they also increase revenue, and attract new customers.

At this training, you will be guided on ways to utilize these tools in ways that will help create an online reputation management system for just about any Nigerian company.

Following this digital training course that is to hold in Abuja, you will be assisted, step by step, on how to execute those learned lessons in your business or any business at all, and we guarantee, and this depends on your individual abilities and passion, that you will achieve success in your businesses.

This digital marketing program will also help prep you to set up your very own digital or internet marketing agency in Nigeria.

People and many agencies theorize, but at our digital marketing program, we guarantee you a hands-on training experience, leaving you feeling accomplished and ready to start that agency. We promise to make the event a lively and interactive one, while also making it intensive.

Just like any other business, starting your own digital or internet marketing agency can be like taking a shot in the dark, not seeing the aim, especially as a Nigerian business owner; and this is especially true when you don’t want to spend all your time sitting at your desk, in front of your computer, and also especially when you have no knowledge of digital marketing, or you do have some experience, but none has worked out well for you.

This digital marketing training in Abuja is all the problem solver you need to all your digital and internet marketing dilemma. Only if you will be there, though.

If you follow the changing patterns in the way Nigerians shop for things, this knowledge will be very useful to you. And the earlier you know, the better for you. These days, when people seek certain products to buy, all they need to do is to fire up their browsers, type their queries into their search engine search bars, or sometimes, they take other routes like going to social media platforms like the social media giant, Facebook, which is now a hub for marketing activities.

With the rise of technological products like the smartphones and other smart devices, everyone is steered toward the direction on the internet to search for solutions to their immediate problems, and this has caused the incremental death of offline marketing techniques, rendering it ineffective.

Searching for things, and most times, finding them isn’t anything hard anymore, not with the increasing availability of internet services in the country, and the popularity and ease of acquiring smartphones.

Marketing’s axiom has always been to connect with your audience, finding them in the right place and at the right time. And this means that you have to find them at a place where they are ready to spend some cash, and these days, it is usually on the internet. You want to sell? Get connected!

With this training, you will graduate from the beginner’s phase, with rubbing shoulders with the pros in the digital and internet marketing sphere. If for a while you have been looking for a basic or an advanced digital marketing training, well, it is here. And are in Abuja hoping for when one training will get to your end, well, here’s your opportunity to partake.

So, here’s how this works: there will be some theorizing, but that will be limited to just 10% of the course’s duration, and of course, the hands-on practical lessons, these will take up a huge part of this training, taking up 90% of the course duration. You will also be coached by professionals, and you will get mentored by people who basically know what they are doing and have been in the business for longer than they care to remember.

It doesn’t matter what level of expertise you’re at, this digital marketing training is for both the advanced digital marketers and for beginner’s alike. Our online marketing specialists are on board, and are ready to guide you through and give you what you deserve: the best!

It is best that you consider, before applying to this training what it is that you or your organization are willing to achieve.

What You Will Learn

There are a lot of grounds that will be covered at this training, things like:

Blogging and Marketing content

In this class, you will be taught just how to create a blog that will bring in the big bucks. You will also be taught the basics of website designing (this sounds like some pro stuff) and some invaluable web development skills that are needed for the creation of blogs using platforms like WordPress.

You will also learn how to make money with your blog via affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.

Inbound Marketing Training

Of all the marketing techniques available, the inbound marketing technique is the easiest and the cheapest. Signing up for this digital marketing training will ensure that you benefit from the knowledge of our skilled digital marketers.

We will teach you how to structure your business and also that of your clients in a way that you will have clients on your waiting list because, yes, you will be that skilled after this training.

Social Media Marketing Training

Our social media marketing training will guide you on how you can run an effective social media campaign on both Facebook and Instagram.

More so, you will learn how to effectively manage social media platforms for both your business and that of your clients. Besides social media management, you will be taught exactly how to run ads for free – well, almost for free – on Facebook.

Nigeria for businesses owners and employeesSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’re new to the world of digital and internet marketing, you probably (or probably not) have wondered how the sites on Google’s search results page end up there. This is the job of SEO.

This online marketing training in Abuja will put you through on ways to rank websites on Google (your favorite search engine). This skill will direct prospective buyers to your own website.

Google AdWords

This is what is also known as Search Engine Marketing. You know those ads you see on e-commerce sites, or even on YouTube? Sometimes they appear briefly, and sometimes they are just stationed in one particular spot on the web page, well, at this training, you will learn how to create something similar; they are called Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, and you will be taught how to put them on sites like Google and on YouTube.

With this kind of knowledge, your revenue is bound to balloon three times the size of your current revenue, and well, that of your current client (if you are tending to any).

Email Marketing

Saving the best for last. This is another effective marketing tool, and not only is it effective, but it is also a simple form of digital marketing. At this training, you will be taught how to create, send, and design great emails that will result in your leads becoming clients.

Why Attend Our Abuja Digital Marketing Training?

Do you need any more reason why you should even bother to attend this training? Well, apart from the other wonderful listed in the above paragraphs, here are a few other reasons why we are the best choice:

Our trainers are certified

You definitely want to be taught by someone who knows what they are doing and not someone who should also be seated in the class and learn like you will be doing at the training.

Our digital marketing guys have years of experience, real years of experience, and their mode of teaching, their interactive teaching style will make it easy for you the learner to grasp what it is they will be teaching you.

Reasonable Pricing

Well, this training’s entry fee is not cutthroat, as compared to other marketing institutes; this is very pocket-friendly, no breaking-the-bank here. And you are assured of quality training. Be rest assured of this!

Internship Opportunity

After this training, if interested, you will be able to apply to intern at ZEODigital, the parent company of this academy. How cool is that?

Our Standard Curriculum

Our curriculum is of international Not only are our trainers certified, but our curriculum is also internationally certified! Even if you find yourself outside the shores of Nigeria, with our curriculum, you will find yourself having the same knowledge as those overseas, maybe even besting them with your knowledge.

After Training Support

There is after-training support that we give to our participants. And this will involve us answering any questions that you may have for us, and this is free of charge. You can ask your questions without being about being billed per question.

Just to prove to you that we aren’t fibbing when we say that our curriculum is of international standards, we have training centers not only in Nigeria but also in other parts of Africa. In Nigeria, our training centers are scattered in cities like Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, and in Ibadan.

Who will benefit from this training?

This digital marketing training will benefit: Freelancers, marketing and sales professionals, business owners who care very much about attracting more clients, digital marketing enthusiasts who want to make this more than just a hobby, and anyone who wants to build a reputation as an online marketer.

Attending this training will no doubt impact your career in an immensely positive way, and you do not want to wish you had attended it after it is over.