In-Company Digital Marketing Coaching

It is without doubt that technology has influenced how every day lives, the way we work, and the way we live. The fusion of big tools like digital, social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies have gone on to aide better communication channels between both companies, and the people that their products are made for, the consumers.

What we find today is that, consumers with access to various channels have set the bar for these companies, that they are patrons of, so high, that for a brand or company to actively compete and successfully win in today’s market will require them surpassing the bars that have been set for them, and therefore, giving their patrons/customers a great customer experience, because like they say, consumer is king!

And for this reason, ZEODigital Academy has tailored an on-demand Customized Corporate Training Solutions in Digital Marketing training for businesses and organizations in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan and Port Harcourt offering immense support for marketing teams, helping them improve their skill sets in the digital world.

 Digital Marketing Course Overview

We give custom digital marketing training that is great for teams in either small scale or large-scale companies. It does not matter whether you are a medium enterprise or a large enterprise, or even if you are a startup company, our custom trainings are tailored for just about any size, and we will tailor a program that will best suit your organization’s unique needs.

Through the years, we have been able to train not only individuals, but also corporate bodies that span skills like marketing, web analytics, sales, online CRM, and social media. We have given trainings at functional levels, moving from the beginner stage to the professional level.

This is what you need to do to your company’s ROI:

  • First off, you reach out to us, telling us what exactly it is that you need, and if you cannot articulate it in the way that you want to, we will help figure it out.
  • Next, what we will do is to match you with one of our expert tutors that will help you to point out the best modules and, also digital marketing strategies that will help cater to your organization’s needs.
  • After you have been setup with an instructor, and you feel convinced about the training solution that has been given, then we will schedule a digital marketing training led by an expert at wherever you will feel is suitable for your marketing team.
  • This is how we will help to grow your in-house abilities by training your team on digital marketing.

Let us be your Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

  • You have the option of making us your Chief Digital Officer, even as we are consulting for your company.
  • What the above means is that through this practice or form, our experts are ready to give you all the ins and outs in the digital marketing world, giving you a very cost-effective and flexible routine in the training of your marketing team.
  • We will be in charge of your digital strategy, enabling you to focus more on your business.
  • By doing this, we will be working hand-in-hand with your team so we, together, can achieve a positive digital change, focusing on substantial goals.

There are lots of bases that we would be covering.

Topics to be covered

  • Inbound Marketing Training:

    This is one of the many topics that we will be focusing on. And this marketing technique is proven to be one of the easiest and cheapest, remember we mentioned cost-effective? By taking advantage of our services, we will teach your team just how well to structure your business, in a way that you will, in no time, be exceeding the expectations of your customers.

  • Blogging and Content Marketing:

    Through this method, we will show your team how they can make effective use of your company’s website, transforming it from a non-paying platform, to another means of revenue for your company. Your team will be taught the basics of web designing, as this is proven to be useful if you want your clients’ interest captured when they visit your website, no one enjoys viewing a drab website. With this technique, your team will be taught how to tap into the financial benefits of affiliate marketing.

  • Social Media Marketing Training:

    Since this is one of the biggest, if not the most explosive way to give your brand or company attention, we will be harnessing this avenue. We will teach your team how best to run an effective social media campaign on the big social media platforms where your customers can be found, and they can also easily find you. There will be trainings on how to manage these accounts for your business. You run a business where you would need to put a good deal of money into most things so as to get a good return on investment, but at this social media marketing training, your team will be taught just how to run an ad on Facebook (you know, that place that has nearly 2 billion people) almost for free. Sounds good?

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

    This is one major aspect of digital marketing, and for your brand to be visible on search engine results, your team members would need to be taught the core of this technique. And the benefit of this is, your brand will get the needed visibility so that potential customers will get the chance to see what it is that you are offering.

  • Google AdWords:

    This can also be referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This basically involves money; but money that will be streaming into the company’s coffers. Here, we will instruct your team on ways they can create Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on Google and YouTube. This is something you probably must have come across, you know those videos (or sometimes, just banners) that you see when you go on Google to search for something, or when you watch a video on YouTube and certain ads play from the start, in between watching videos, or at the end? Well, those are the Pay Per Click ads. And once this is taught and is utilized right, just watch how your business’ revenue will triple.

  • Email Marketing Training:

    This is one of the easiest forms of digital marketing, and it is also one of the most effective. It has been used to reach out to both new and old clients from the very beginning, and it is still being used today as a tool to keep the interests of clients anew. At this training, your team will be taught how to design and send powerful and effective email marketing campaigns, enough to appeal to your customers, existing and prospective.

Because every team we train is unique to us, we make ourselves available to work in-company. So, we will be there at your company, doing the work, training your team, and seeing as your company grows.