Content. It is the factor that decides if a first-time visitor to your website comes back. It is the very thing that decides if you actually have anyone listening to you. Writers know that there is more to writing that stringing words together. It is common knowledge that anyone with a good command of the English Language can string words together but not just anyone can attract ardent readers and customers through those same words.

If you run a blog or a website in Lagos Nigeria, you’re not going to make much if your content isn’t superb. This is because there are competitors who are doing better. Unfortunately, amazing and eye-grabbing content writing has less to do with trainings and more to do with skill.

What then do you do? You need great content. Yet, you do not want just anyone writing for you. There’s a high chance that your voice and tone could be lost when hiring writers and that is something you do not want. However, at DMN, we have the right solution for you: Hire Us.

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At DMN, we have a team of content writers who have been handpicked thoroughly. Each writer on our team is talented, trained, time conscious, and easy to communicate with.

Even more spectacularly, our writers know how to adapt to your tone and voice and simply beautify the words you want to speak. With a general idea of you, your intended message, and your brand, our writers work tirelessly to write words that actually speak.

DMN is located in Lagos, Nigeria, as well as Ibadan. A visit to any of our offices will guarantee you that any choice apart from us is the second best. We don’t pretend to understand what you want right off the bat.

Rather, we listen, proffer solutions, make edits, and tweak according to your taste before the first finger even strikes a key on the keyboard. Due to the painstaking preparation we take to write for you, the results are always the same; amazing. We offer revisions to you and are always ready to improvise and adapt.


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Knowing how to write is superb and excellent. Knowing what to write is the main thing. As a content writer for websites and blogs, you’ll realize that a writer who knows less of how to write and more of what to write would do better than one that knows how to write but doesn’t know what to write as much.

This is primarily because of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Have you ever wondered what actually happens when content is posted online? We can tell you. When content is posted online, search engines such as Google send bots to your webpage. Their aim is to find out what your page is about. This is called ‘crawling’.

Google does this so that when a person searches for anything related to your post, they can bring it up. SEO knowledge is important for many reasons. For one thing, you need to understand SEO if your page is to rank. There are a lot of other talented writers out there who are writing for websites and blogs under the same niche. How then can you surpass them? SEO.

With our knowledge on SEO, we can give your page the right words that will enable Google decide that it has more value than similar posts and therefore put your content out first. The sites that come out of the very first page get the bulk of the traffic.

The sites on the second and following pages are left fighting for the scrapes of traffic left. If you want to make money off your site, your content has to be ranked highly and this can only be done through knowledge on SEO.


Training is important and anyone who says otherwise hasn’t competed and won.  At DMN, each of our writers is trained on ‘how to write content’. There is more to writing content than most know. At DMN, we understand the ‘customers’ speak’. Your customer speak simply refers to what your customers want to hear.

What are those keywords that immediately resonate with their souls and in turn, their pockets? What are those words that you can use to make customers know that you know what it is that you speak of? What are those words that elicit trust in the hearts of your customers? Expert content writing is a mixture of presenting your genuine message and giving your audience what it is they want to hear.

Think of it this way; as a businessman, imagine that you create a product that cures a number of illnesses including cancer. Now, that product is quite powerful and has a lot of benefits. When creating a post about it, what angle should you attack first? If you are skilled, your posts should have tags such as ‘omnipotent’, ‘cures all’, and “cancer cure’.

You simply have to put out the best selling point of that product as it will attract customers and show them what else there is to see. Training is important. It goes without saying that we are trained and with our lengthy experience, have become the best.

Whilst the importance of training cannot be undermined, a content writer must be skilled. Our writers have that uncommon knack for ‘word-bending’ that is not commonly seen.

Through words, we possess the ability to sell snow to Eskimos and that is quite an invaluable trait. Our skill is complemented by extensive training.



At DMN, our writers can create blog posts that are search engine optimized in order to enable you to rank highly, thereby gaining the visibility that you need to push your brand further. As we have explained above, we are SEO experts and we can promise that our content is second to none.


So what happens if you already have content that works for you? What happens if you have content that you feel carries your message across but for some reason, hasn’t attracted enough traffic? The answer is simple: your content needs to be revised and optimized. DMN can do this for you.


Our writers at DMN can create search engine optimized content for your website.

When you work with us, you can be assured that your content will not only be top-level but that it will also attain the visibility which is necessary for you to attract new customers.

Search engine optimization is the heart of content creation. Allow us to work closely with you to put your brand on a global stage. We cannot wait to hear from you.


E-books are becoming more and more common as time passes by. People favor having knowledge in downloadable forms that they can access even without an internet connection.

However, writing an e-book is not as easy as it seems. A lot of preparation and research is needed before the actual writing takes place. When you partner with us, we will take special care to create e-books that appeal to you.

DMN is a content writing company located in Lagos, Nigeria. If you have decided to make use of any of our services, you can call us or email us. Alternatively, you can walk into any of our offices located in Lagos, Nigeria, or Ibadan, Nigeria.

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Whilst the importance of training cannot be undermined, a content writer must be skilled. Our writers have that uncommon knack for ‘word-bending’ that is not commonly seen.

Through words, we possess the ability to sell snow to Eskimos and that is quite an invaluable trait. Our skill is complemented by extensive training.

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