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Why Is Blogger SEO Difficult?

Search engine optimization is a difficult task on its own but optimizing on blogger could be much more difficult especially if you are new to the field of seo. Well, thankfully SEO follows the same rules regardless of the platform you are using. Some of these rules dwell on the following fields:

1. Using the keyword in the post title
2. Naturally inserting the keyword in the headings (H1, H2, H3 tags)

3. Including your keyword as the alt tag of the images, you are using on the post.

Therefore if you are looking to do blogger SEO you will pay attention to these details and of course, doing other  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices as talked about in this post here.

Now, you might be wondering how you can insert H1 or H2 tags in blogger given that there is no plugin that can help you handle that like the WordPress content management system. Follow the steps below to insert your heading tags:

1. Write your heading as a normal text
2. Highlight the text (it should contain your focus keyword)
3. Click on the downward arrow with the label “Normal” and select from the three options of “heading” “subheading” or “minor heading”. If you do not see the option showing “normal” then your blogger is probably showing the HTML version. Click on the compose option to be able to edit your heading tags.

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Blogger SEO: How do you insert alt tags in blogger?

Simply right click on the picture and click on the “properties” You can now insert your image title and alt text. Make sure that both fields contain your keywords.

Blogger SEO: Inserting meta descriptions in blogger

You might get confused as to how to insert meta descriptions in blogger but it is quite easy. Before composing your post, navigate to your dashboard and click on “Settings” from the list of options click on “search preferences” at the top of the page you would see the meta tags with the sub-menu “description” under it. Click on “edit” and select the “yes” option and save changes. When you return to making your post you will see the space for meta description. Write a short summary of your post and make sure your keyword is included.

For the Off-page SEO, follow the same instructions as the ones in this blog post. SEO has helped a lot of websites and businesses and has been made a business by some digital marketing agencies. Therefore, it is something that you should take seriously as an entrepreneur. As usual, I would advice you to join this facebook page here where we would soon be sharing exclusive SEO tips and advice.

I hope I have helped someone out there who has been struggling to optimize on blogger with this post. If you have any question or inquiry, kindly let us know in the comment box.


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