10 Commandments of Advertising  (Digital Marketing and Traditional Advertisement)


There is a saying that “Any business that stops advertising starts dying” that is the reason the big brand like Coca-cola, Guinness etc still advertise, and every business are encouraged to advertise to remain relevant and increase sales as well.


The major advantages of advertising are.

(1) Introduces a new product in the market.

(2) Expansion of the market.

(3) Increased sales.

(4) Fights competition.

(5) Enhances good-will.

(6) Educates the consumers.

(7) Elimination of middlemen.

(8) Better quality products.

(9) Supports the salesmanship.

(10) More employment opportunities.

(11) Reduction in the prices of newspapers and magazines.

(12) A Higher standard of living!


But some individuals and organizations go about advertising their products the wrong way, using the wrong channels or simply imitate others and some advertise because their competitors are advertising.


We have put together what we call the 10 Commandments of advertising to help individuals and organization make an informed decision on their next advertising campaign be it digital or traditional.

10 Commandments of Advertising

10 commandments of advertising
Credit: Lawfirmsites
  1. Plan your digital marketing or traditional advertising campaign before you start, if you don’t have the budget, don’t rush into it.
  2. Be aware that all advertising platforms are not the same, some are good to create awareness for your products and services, and others are good to increase sales. Define the purpose of your advertisement and identify the platform that will help you achieve your purpose.
  3. Don’t just advertise, reach out to your audience engage and convert them to customers/clients.
  4. Don’t advertise on a platform because you find or other advertisers there.
  5. Listen to your advertising agency advice.
  6. Do your A.B testing.
  7. Create a squeeze/landing page that will explain the features of your products/service, benefits over others and may be the price.
  8. Ensure someone who is knowledgeable about the products/services handle the enquiring phone or email.
  9. Implement a data capture tool and traffic conversion funnel on your website.
  10. Learn to offer something for free or offer a discount on some of your advertisement.


We believe that if you obey the Ten commandment you will achieve a greater result in your next campaign for your products either digital marketing or traditional advertisement.

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