benefits of digital marketing

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Is digital marketing beneficial at all? Should a business look into it at all or should you focus on traditional advertising? Well, while we can not say that traditional advertising is no longer useful, we can, however, tell you that digital marketing should be an integral part of your marketing campaigns for the following reasons:

  1. Digital Marketing brings about Higher Conversion Rates.


  1. Digital Marketing when properly manage and implemented, Saves Your Money.


  1. Digital Marketing facilitates Real-Time Customer Service.


  1. Digital Marketing helps you to connect with users on mobile.


  1. Digital Marketing Helps Generate Higher Revenues.


  1. Digital Marketing guarantees you a Higher return on investment from Your Campaigns.


  1. Digital Marketing helps you to keep competing in your chosen niche.


  1. Digital Marketing also gives you the opportunity of competing favorably with big businesses.


  1. Digital Marketing Prepares You for the Internet of Things.

Benefits of Digital Marketing


Major benefits of digital marketing to businesses


  1. Reduced cost: Advertising on digital is not as costly as the traditional marketing. This is because digital marketing can readily work around your budget while traditional advertising, more often than not, depends on fixed prices. As one of the core benefits of digital marketing, cost should be a reason why you should start looking at digital marketing today.


  1. Level playing field: Before the advent of digital marketing, the advertising slots were bought over by big companies and corporations who had money to throw around thereby stifling the growth of smaller competitors. But with digital marketing, any company or business can compete favourably not minding their size or competition given that they have a good online marketing strategy. In the online scene strategic campaigns and well-planned campaigns deliver results, not the size.


  1. Simple to measure: Metrics is the reason why digital marketing is often considered as better than traditional advertising. With many online advertising platforms, you can monitor the effect of your campaign and effectively change what is not working. Tools like Google Analytics can help you see the amount of traffic that is coming to your website and where the traffic is coming from. This information can help you decide which channels to focus your marketing attention on. A lot of email solution providers also provide you with detailed statistics like the amount of people that read, how many people opened and how many people clicked through.
  2. Real time results: Digital marketing is immediate because you can check how you are doing in real time. Meaning you don’t have to wait for weeks before an advertising agency sends you reports of how your campaigns are doing and what you have to improve on. With digital marketing, you can see details like the amount of traffic coming to your site immediately it is happening by the minute.


  1. Refinement of your strategy: What metrics and real-time results as described above do for your marketing campaigns on digital is that it helps you know what is working and what is not thereby giving you the ability to hone and refine your strategy to accommodate what is working for your business.


  1. Brand Development: If you maintain a good website that serves good content to your target audience as well as a good user experience thereby adding value to them, then the audience would become loyal. This gives you endless opportunities for lead generation and consequent conversion.


  1. Far greater exposure: With Traditional advertising, your marketing messages can only be seen in places that you place them but in the digital marketing sphere, you can target any location in any part of the world with your advertising messages. This ability to target anywhere gives your business far more exposure than what a traditional advertising campaign can ever give you. Mores, a properly optimised website would guarantee you exposure to everybody in the world at little or no cost.


  1. Viral: It is quite easy to get viral on digital when compared to traditional marketing and I will give you a scenario. If you hand out flyers at say a bus-stop, how many times do yo see your customers and prospects also sharing those your flyers to other people? Never? Okay, I want to tell you that this is possible in digital marketing. If you make an interesting marketing message and send out to your target audience, it often happens that your customers and prospects like your marketing message and then pass it on to their own network thereby giving your campaign the opportunity to go viral.


  1. Not Intrusive: Digital marketing works in such a way that you can actually target people that are interested in your products and service thereby reducing the risk of intruding into people’s privacy as the traditional form of advertising does. When one is already interested in a particular field, it becomes interesting when you send them marketing messages about the same field. Besides, it is possible for them to opt out of subscriptions lists thereby giving you a notice that they are no longer interested in your advertising messages. This makes digital marketing safer than the traditional form of advertising.


  1. Greater engagement: Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to attract your customers and clients with different calls to action. You can make them review your products, visit your website, submit their emails etc. If the engagement and conversation is properly managed, you can better the image of your products and services, consequently boosting sales.

Do You Want To Start Enjoying The Benefits of Digital Marketing?

Yes, you can start enjoying the benefits of digital marketing if you are willing to do it the right way. To start, you can get a free digital marketing consultation from our friends at alternative advert when you click on this link. Or you can call these numbers to get your free consultation ( 08140806869, 07014039333) . You can also read this post about the top digital marketing companies in Nigeria to get an idea of which companies you can use. If you have any other question, please let us know in the comment section below. You can also read this post for more information.


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